Let's get visual.
IMG SRVR is an all-in-one media center and visual file-sharing platform designed to help creative professionals collect, organize, and share images with ease and elegance.
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File sharing should not be complicated. We built IMG SRVR to be practical and beautiful by displaying high-resolution images, videos and audio files in their full context. IMG SRVR is a stress-free, file sharing solution for aesthetes.

Unlimited storage space
Never worry again about running out of storage space. Our standard and premium plans come with unlimited storage.
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Upload files in minutes
Create a compelling media center in no time with our seamless drag-and-drop interface.
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Unbelievably easy file sharing
No sign-ups required; our links allow instant access to hi-res images, videos, PDFs and audio files.
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Captions for every image
Your images have associated data. Quickly enter name, title, dimensions, medium, courtesy line, photo credit, and more for every file. No need to create a separate document to communicate essential details.
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Import PDFs in seconds
Ditch the email attachments and make your documents accessible at a glance with IMG SRVR’s PDF feature.
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Museum-quality presentation
Large-scale image thumbnails displayed on a single page help you stay organized and keep recipients engaged.
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Real-time image proofing
Our lightbox mode delivers instant feedback and keeps collaboration flowing fast. No more laboriously referencing image titles or taking screenshots to convey your favorite images.
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Curate user experience
Our drag-and-drop feature allows you to control the order in which images appear.
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Customize your account
Your brand identity is important to your business. Add your logo to maintain a unified brand experience.
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Other Easy-to-Use Features
Unlimited storage capacity.
Share quickly and easily with anyone—no sign-ups required.
Image Quality
Upload, download, or view high-resolution imagery.
Upload any file type, including JPG, PDF, MP3 and WAV files.
Text Editing
Change title, captions, and descriptions at any time.
Back up your files for safekeeping with our simple archive tool.
Include or exclude any number of contacts.
Control access to who sees, edits, and shares files.
Our clean interface keeps the focus on your images and the story you’re telling.
Use “nested archives” to show the many angles of your story.
See reactions to images instantly using our Lightbox feature.
View, share, and edit from your mobile device.
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Billed Annually $18/mo. billed monthly
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Billed Annually $72/mo. billed monthly
Storage Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Easy and secure sharing
Anytime, anywhere access
256-bit AES and SSL/TLS encryption
PDF file uploading
Shared notifications
Priority email support
Nested folders
Tracking notification
Video and audio file uploading
Branded account
Phone support
Custom shared links
Enhanced tracking
File recovery 14-days 30-days 120-days
Frequently Asked Questions
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Are my information and files private?
Is there a file size limit for my uploads?
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