Amani Olu, founder and CEO of IMG SRVR, is a serial entrepreneur in the fields of art, tech and marketing. After 15 years of working in the art world and handling visual assets daily, Olu realized it was impossible to efficiently send and receive hi-resolution images with associated data, such as titles, photographer credits and courtesy lines. In response, he created IMG SRVR, a visual file-sharing platform that is beautiful, tactile and easy to use. In public relations, providing journalists with easy-to-access images, captions and written assets is the difference between landing a story and being ignored. For artists and galleries, beautifully-presented images of the work are crucial to attracting buyers and gaining an audience. Working at the intersection of these fields as the founder and CEO of Olu & Company—a public relations and marketing agency for the arts and beyond—Olu knew his team needed a platform that not only maintained the integrity of images, but enhanced them, by allowing journalists to gauge a story’s visual narrative with a single click. IMG SRVR allows professionals in creative industries to present visual assets in a way that is simple, elegant and intentional.